Tuesday, September 30, 2008

I'd like to dedicate a big FU to...

(1) This dude misses his 3 hours of me time. Not counting his gym time. (And ladies know you have to count working out as "me time." All the magazines say so.)

(2) My husband said, "you don't even try to make yourself attractive anymore." To a woman who is 9 mo pregnant with HIS child. And who, at the time, was actually assisting their daughter wipe her bottom. This, from a man who adjusts his balls whenever the hell he wants to.

(3) Any man who likes that his wife works, but has no idea that his child's daycare or school is closed on Columbus Day.

What's the opposite of a big FU? Cuz I'm dedicating that to Suzanne, who gave me a fierce haircut today.*

*which I vehemently deny had anything to do with my husband's aforementioned nasty comment. It had more to do with wanting 3 less inches of hair to shampoo and style after the baby gets here.

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