Tuesday, September 30, 2008

I'd like to dedicate a big FU to...

(1) This dude misses his 3 hours of me time. Not counting his gym time. (And ladies know you have to count working out as "me time." All the magazines say so.)

(2) My husband said, "you don't even try to make yourself attractive anymore." To a woman who is 9 mo pregnant with HIS child. And who, at the time, was actually assisting their daughter wipe her bottom. This, from a man who adjusts his balls whenever the hell he wants to.

(3) Any man who likes that his wife works, but has no idea that his child's daycare or school is closed on Columbus Day.

What's the opposite of a big FU? Cuz I'm dedicating that to Suzanne, who gave me a fierce haircut today.*

*which I vehemently deny had anything to do with my husband's aforementioned nasty comment. It had more to do with wanting 3 less inches of hair to shampoo and style after the baby gets here.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

And today I'm hating on...

(1) New girl:
Umm, when you have a 9:00 meeting, you need to be here before 9:05. Sure, I was also walking in at 9:05 with you, but (1) I wasn't supposed to be at that meeting, and (2) I've worked here for 8 years.
Not that this is any of my business. So carry on.

(2) People who forward emails but never send actual communicative emails.

(3) People who tell me I look tired. Or uncomfortable.
Look, I've been wearing plenty of makeup and jewelry to distract you from my undereye circles and ridiculously large body. Please play along with me.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Good Lord, am I tired!! Stayed home today with a sick toddler. I hate her being sick but I love excuses to stay at home with her. The best times are when she can't go to daycare/preschool but she doesn't feel sick (hooray for pinkeye). But since she was home with a fever, this wasn't one of those times.

Although I'm not an anti-TV parent, my daughter watches very little. But today I was wondering how on earth parents used to make their kids "take it easy" without the TV. Did they have to spend the entire day reading?? Because that would make me crazy. Reading to the girl is frustrating anyway, she's constantly interrupting with "what happened?" About stories she knows by heart. So I don't really know how to answer that.

There's some really good kids' TV out there. I heart the Wonder Pets and the Backyardigans. I do not get Blue's Clues. That guy is SO CREEPY. He's like Pee Wee Herman only not so new-wave cool. I don't think Pee Wee would have worn pleated khakis.

All in all, it was a good day. Today, my daughter started running to the door with my dog and yelling "woof! woof!" every time he did. She also got a balloon at the grocery store. "Are we having a party?" she asked me.
"It's always a party when you have a balloon," I said.
She replied, "it's always a party when you have a cupcake!"

Today left me wondering how the hell I'm going to have the energy to push a baby out of my hooha later this month when I have to take a nap to get up the energy to buy groceries.

And then my husband comes home and says he's tired. SIGH.

Monday, September 8, 2008

I'm going to name my son Lex (after Lexapro, of course)

What I don't hate right now: Lexapro. Wow! I'm back. It's like I didn't realize I'd lost me, and then here she is! Falling into depression happened so slowly I didn't even realize it.

The obstetrician isn't worried about the effects on my baby and everything I've seen says this is OK in the third trimester...but that doesn't stop me from being concerned. I feel like I'm already balancing the needs of two children and one hasn't even been born. Drug-free womb vs. well-functioning mommy.

What I should hate right now but am mostly enjoying: the Terrible Twos. My daughter is driving me bonkers, but in a good way. And I'm frustrated but mostly amused. Aww, she's asserting her independence.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

The Whole Year Inn

Right now, I'm in a hole that I can't get out of.
My problems are seriously petty (see previous post). That doesn't stop me from being overwhelmed. I'm eight months pregnant. I have a two-year old daughter who is the light of my life. She is healthy and loving and again I have been blessed beyond what I deserve.

But. My husband has had it with me--with my mood swings, with my family. With the "dramatic" way I react when he tries to tell me how badly I treat him. I'm afraid that I'm so busy trying to be a good mom, good housekeeper, good lawyer (yes, in that order) that I've failed to be a good wife. His blunt and insensitive way of telling me these things doesn't help.

He might be wrong about a lot of things--and I think he is--but he's certainly correct that my family needs to treat him better. My mother and my sister treat him like Patty and Selma treat Homer. (aside: does anyone else talk about the Simpsons as if they were real people??) I should stand up to them but...they'll love me no matter what. My husband, not so much. I'm a coward who can't leave the sure thing to take a risk.

What have I become?

Because my in-laws are in town, there are nice cars in my driveway. I get this message from my husband, non-ironically:

We are going to leave you the Lexus because you and I have both Benz keys.

I'm going to forget for a moment that I'm getting this message because my POS Chevy is in the shop, and revel in the glory of that last statement. Also, I get to drive a Lexus tonight.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

What a drag it is getting old!

Just in time for my birthday, a prescription in my hot little hands for drugs that promise to make me less crazy.

I told a friend about this over lunch, and she proceeded to tell me about what all of our mutual friends were "on."

Is everyone taking something? Or do I hang out with people like me?

Regardless, I'm happy someone finally listened to me. I had a different OB today because mine is on vacation. This one didn't tell me I needed to eat more protein when I tentatively began, "is there such thing as prepartum depression?"