Friday, September 12, 2008

Good Lord, am I tired!! Stayed home today with a sick toddler. I hate her being sick but I love excuses to stay at home with her. The best times are when she can't go to daycare/preschool but she doesn't feel sick (hooray for pinkeye). But since she was home with a fever, this wasn't one of those times.

Although I'm not an anti-TV parent, my daughter watches very little. But today I was wondering how on earth parents used to make their kids "take it easy" without the TV. Did they have to spend the entire day reading?? Because that would make me crazy. Reading to the girl is frustrating anyway, she's constantly interrupting with "what happened?" About stories she knows by heart. So I don't really know how to answer that.

There's some really good kids' TV out there. I heart the Wonder Pets and the Backyardigans. I do not get Blue's Clues. That guy is SO CREEPY. He's like Pee Wee Herman only not so new-wave cool. I don't think Pee Wee would have worn pleated khakis.

All in all, it was a good day. Today, my daughter started running to the door with my dog and yelling "woof! woof!" every time he did. She also got a balloon at the grocery store. "Are we having a party?" she asked me.
"It's always a party when you have a balloon," I said.
She replied, "it's always a party when you have a cupcake!"

Today left me wondering how the hell I'm going to have the energy to push a baby out of my hooha later this month when I have to take a nap to get up the energy to buy groceries.

And then my husband comes home and says he's tired. SIGH.

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